Introducing the new PKP-3500-SI-MT

PKP-3500-SI-MT is a new direction in CANbus keypads. This all new design comes equipped with thirteen push buttons with replaceable icon inserts, plus two rotary encoders that are also push enabled. Thanks to four additional analogue and digital inputs, it is possible to now connect 5V sensors directly to the CANbus network through the keypad. The compact layout and inclusion of the rotary encoders allows for significant dash space saving while expanding the functionality of the vehicle.

Technical Datasheet and CANopen User Manual are available for download.


CAN Keypad Addresses – Assign any valid CAN address to the keypad.

J1939 Address Claim Transmission – Keypads no longer have to be pre-programmed to a specific address. This enables customers that work in applications in the field without access to a GUI to use any replacement keypad on-hand. The keypad can be configured to automatically announce its address and accept a new address assignment as appropriate.

Event Status Transmission – The keypad can send messages to the BUS indicating a button press or a button release event has occurred. This confirmation allows digital systems to have the same input acknowledgements as that of the latching position of a mechanical switch.

Periodic Status Transmission – The keypad sends a continuous broadcast of messages indicating the press or release status of each button at that instance. The frequency of these messages can be adjusted within a wide range.

Periodic Heartbeat – The keypad sends a continuous broadcast of messages indicating it is functioning correctly. The frequency of these messages can be adjusted within a wide range. CANopen Communications Protocol – Fully compliant with Device Profile 401d.


4 additional 5V inputs – Allows the possibility to connect items such as analogue active sensors (such as pressure and temperature sensors), discrete switches (highside/lowside) and Hall Effect sensors.

Independent LED indicator lights – Every rotary encoder presents 16 blue LED lights, while pushbuttons are equipped with RGB LED rings. All of them can be independently programmed.
UV Protected – UVB 400 hours: Keypad is highly resistant to deterioration caused by exposure to sunlight.

The keypad’s symmetrical design and spacing between keys makes it easier to install multiple keypads alongside one another.