by Oleg Lyan

Build keypad like LEGO

Build keypad like LEGO


Our Interior Commercial Vehicle Bus Instrument Panel visual designers told me that none of your great feature products are good for him due to the panel sizes, but the buttons them-self are OK.

He has a panel 5cm wide and not so deep allowable space.

My Idea is to make EACH button module connectable to each other button module, like LEGO, so you could customize your button panel to any direction and any number multiplexed buttons and LED’s.
All you need is just attach a custom face panel to cover the junctions if for any reason it happens to be unattractive.


Status: just an idea

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Riccardo Arienti

Thank you Oleg for this idea. I beleive it is quite complicate to achieve but that is a good concept to bear in mind for the future. About the specific customer request did you consider a custom development for its application?

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