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CAN keypads for military vehicles and boats

Control the functions of any kind of military vehicle

In a military environment, the use of any kind of electronic instrumentation requires extraordinary characteristics and performance levels in order to satisfy the high technical standards and resistance levels this special sector requires.

CAN bus keypads (CANopen and J1939) in the PowerKey and PowerKey PRO series are integrate perfectly with any new military vehicle design, including retrofits on older military models.

In particular, Blink Marine keypads can handle the needs and uses of military vehicles and vessels including:

  • military ambulances
  • armored fighting vehicles
  • artillery tractors
  • combat vehicles
  • military light utility vehicles
  • military recovery vehicles
  • military trucks
  • reconnaissance vehicles
  • soft-skinned vehicles
  • military trailers
  • military navy boats
  • military inflatable boats
  • and many more

CAN bus keypads in the PowerKey and PowerKey PRO series offer specific characteristics that make them perfect for use in military vehicles and vessels:

  1. They are resistant to bumps, blows, dust and water (IP67/IP69K) and can be employed in even the most difficult environments;
  2. They are long-lasting, with a key lifecycle of up to 3 million presses;
  3. They reduce VHF radio frequency disturbance to a minimum, thanks to a sophisticated level of electronic design;
  4. Communication with onboard systems is optimized for CAN protocol standards like CANopen and J1939. (See also CAN bus relay module Keybox.)

In order to access technical documentation and the manuals for CANopen and J1939 protocols, please visit the documentation webpage and download the available PDFs.

PowerKey PRO CAN Keypad

PowerKey PRO series

CAN-bus keypad series with removable inserts for zero-cost icon replacement

PowerKey CAN Keypad

PowerKey series

IP67 CAN-bus keypad, compact and fully customizable

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