Introducing PG8 CAN bus system’s gateway

Blink Marine PG8 is a system’s gateway designed to provide customers with simple interface solutions at a low cost. Whether you are wanting greater versatility of choice in switch types and dash looks while still enjoying all the benefits of CAN-bus digital power distribution or if you need additional inputs (digital or analog) or if you need low power outputs, this gateway option is a perfect, low-cost solution.

Switches versatility

The PG8 is a great way to have versatility of choice in switch types and dash looks, yet enjoy all the benefits of digital power distribution, including dual control stations, remote trip re-setting and reduced cabling. All of this is available with one low-cost interface gateway. Every model dash change becomes a simple switch style choice, leaving all the feature enhancements and interconnectivity to new devices networked to Blink Marine software configuration tool.

Digital/analog input

PG8 allows to add up to 8 digital inputs and up to 4 analog inputs to any given onboard CAN-bus sistem. E.g. it is perfect to manage additional signals from sensors in a boat or in a motorhome vehicle.

Low power outputs

Thanks to PG8 it is also possible to manage up to 8 low current outputs (max 150mA), mainly adhibited to indicator LEDs.

PG8 Technical Datasheet is now available for download