Discover the entire world of Blink Marine CAN-based Digital Switching Solutions. From CAN-bus keypads to Power Management units, Blink Marine technologies today help a wide range of markets such as automotive, marine, agriculture, industrial, motorsport, military… and more.


From CAN-bus keypads to Power Management units


With our CAN Keypads, we serve a wide range of disciplines with the Motorsport sector globally. Vehicles now equipped with PKP Keypads are competing in many motor-racing classes and disciplines from WRC to Formula 3, from historic cars to drifting, dragsters, ATV’s and many more.


Blink Marine offers a complete marine electrical management system for boats and vessels of all sizes. Our keypads and power management enclosures are already equipped and operating on a vast range of boats such as speed boats, fishing boats, pleasure craft, luxury tenders and many others.


Advances in machinery have expanded the scale, speed and productivity of agriculture equipment. This in turn has led to more efficient cultivation and farming practices as well as “best practice” in environmental management. Blink Marine has worked hand in hand with developers, OEM’s and integrators all over the globe in suppling this sector with robust, IP67 rated CANbus keypads with a strong focus on reliability and flexibility as well as ease of use and integration.