PowerCore – Power Management Unit


The Power Management Unit is the brain of the system. It receives requests from switch or keyboards and handles these commands based on the current state of the system. The output may be the activation/deactivation of a circuit, starting a timer function or, in a system with keyless start, locking or unlocking of the system.

The PowerCore then sends status data from system to keyboards to turn on/off the LED indicators and backlighting.

The new Blink Marine Power Management Unit PC 10, will be available starting from January 7th 2016.


– 12V or 24V nominal input voltage
– 100A total PME input current carrying capability @12 volts
– 12 switched circuits that include: Momentary, toggle, and time-out functions
– Pulse-width modulation of output voltage for dimming capability
– 4 circuits rated up to 20A maximum continuous load, 8 circuits rated up to 15A
– 2 H-Bridge circuits for driving reversible motors
– 8 circuits are configurable as logic level signal sense input
– An electronic circuit breaker protects every circuits.

PC 10 is fully compliant with systems originally designed to work with PowerCore 210, PowerCore 100 e PowerCore 06.

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PowerCore 210 out of producition

PowerCore 210

PowerCore 100 out of producition

PowerCore 100

PowerCore 06 out of producition

PowerCore 06